CoinBABA User Agreement

1. The Parties

1.1. Definition

This User Agreement (Contract) and CoinBABA User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as ‘User Agreement’), consists of together with the attachments, which are integral parts of the agreement, is prepared to indicate mutual rights and obligations between “Megabit Bilişim A.Ş.’’(hereinafter referred to as CoinBABA) and the “User”, who declares name, surname, e-mail address and other additional information - documents in the field of membership form and becomes member of electronic transaction platform, when the user becomes member of the platform and uses the services offered on the platform.

Within the scope of this User Agreement, CoinBABA and User shall be referred to as the parties .

1.2. Conviction

Within the scope of this User Agreement, the user, who will use  electronic trading platform and other online applications of CoinBABA, shall agree that the user of this agreement is obliged to act in accordance with the arrangements in the agreement, starting from the moment when the user is registered at the platform.

1.3. Purposes:

CoinBABA, in accordance with the provisions of the present law and the relevant legislation, aims to ensure that the cryptocurrencies, which it will offer it’s users to trade, can be bought and sold in a transparent, efficient, competitive, honest and stable environment with an easy and reliable infrastructure service under free competition conditions. With respect to this, CoinBABA's main goal is; to bring together buying-selling orders to conclude, or to make it easier for these orders to come together, and to identify and declare the prices generated, to create, build and develop, manage and process, cryptocurrency markets with markets, openings, platforms and systems, and to ensure the safety of users.

User; Will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrency in a transparent, efficient, competitive, honest and stable environment easily and safely under the conditions of free competition over the platform that CoinBABA prepares and brings into use.

2. Definitions

2.1. CoinBABA

Refers to the Megabit Bilişim A.Ş.; resident of Esentepe Mah. Kore Şehitleri Cd. No:16/1 Istanbloom Plaza D:51 Şişli İstanbul Türkiye.

2.2. User

Refers to the real person or legal entity who becomes member of CoinBABA platform or who uses the services at the platform.

2.3. Notification Address

In this agreement, it defines the legal address information and contact information of CoinBABA, owner of the platform, and the legal contact information and address information of the user. The information that the user has given when registering on the platform, is being recorded by CoinBABA.

2.4. Platform

It defines the electronic transaction platform and online applications that the user will make his/her  transaction in order to use the cryptocurrency market offered by CoinBABA.

2.4.1. Electronic Transaction Platform

It is the website, on which CoinBABA will provide services, with the domain name and the domain names connected to this domain name. The Electronic Transaction Platform will be shortly referred to as the ‘’ site ‘’.

2.4.2. Online Applications

They are the applications, which you can use the services with them offered by CoinBABA, and you can log in with the user name and password created while the user was registering to the platform, and downloadable from (Google Play Store, App Store, vb. ), not the internet browser applications of devices such as computer, cell phone, tablet etc.


2.5. Cryptocurrency

It is called "cryptocurrency" (crypto-encrypted money), which is formed by combining crypto and currency words. Cryptocurrency; is an alternative currency with digital values that allow cryptographically / encrypted secure transactions and enabling additional digital money supply and also an alternative currency , and at the same time digital moneys.

Unlike centralized electronic money and banking systems, cryptocurrencies are decentralized. It is a currency that can be transferred to anywhere in the world, has the same value wherever it is transferred, can not be controlled by a company or a bank, it’s price is determined by it’s users, and it’s price determined according to supply and demand relationship.

2.6. Cryptocurrency Wallet

It is a computer file that can hide cryptocurrency addresses and their passwords, and in which you can store and save cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are transferred between these addresses. Cryptocurrency wallet addresses are randomly generated cryptographic public key pairs.

2.7. Market

It refers to the marketplace in which it is allowed to buy / sell cryptocurrency through the platforms by CoinBABA and the price making is done by buyer / seller.

2.8. Buyer

It refers the user who wants to buy cryptocurrency with effective currency in the market.

2.9. Seller

It refers to the user who releases the cryptocurrency through the platform and sells the cryptocurrency by specifying his own selling price (entering the order through the platform)

2.10. Price (Value)

It refers to the price of entered order within the scope of buy / sell.

2.11. Amount

It refers to the number of entered order within the scope of transaction.

2.12. Purchase Price

It refers to the buying price that the buyer stated on the market.

2.13. Sale Price

It refers to the selling price that the seller stated on the market.

2.14. Minimum Deposit Amount

It refers the minimum amount of money that is declared by CoinBABA and which must be deposited on the system to transact through platforms.

2.15. Minimum Withdrawal Amount

It refers to the minimum withdrawal fee, declared by CoinBABA, which the user wants to withdraw to his or her bank account at the end of purchase / sale transactions through platforms.

2.16. Maximum Withdrawal Amount

It refers to the maximum withdrawal fee, declared by CoinBABA, which the user wants to withdraw to his or her bank account at the end of purchase / sale transactions through platforms.

2.17. Minimum Transaction Amount

It refers to the minimum purchase / sale amount, declared by CoinBABA, that shall be made through platforms.

2.18. Order

It refers to the transaction that must be entered by the user to make a purchase / sale through the platform.

2.19. User Information

It refers to the personal information (personal identifying information / bank account information, etc.) within the scope of the transactions that the user will make on the CoinBABA platform.

2.20. Bank Account Number

It refers the customer's special number created to define the account of the user and any bank registered on behalf of CoinBABA, that in order for CoinBABA and the user to actively trade on CoinBABA platforms and which the user will be able to receive / send money.

2.21. Accounting Period

CoinBABA will send an e-invoice to the users for the transactions they have made during the month. The time including the dates according to the invoice is referred to transaction period.

2.22. Abstract Account (Extract)

According to the tax procedure, the relevant period in which records should be kept. According to Tax Procedures and Laws, records are kept as of the accounting period.

CoinBABA is a taxpayer in accordance with the Turkish Tax Laws and obligant to pay taxes for each transaction made on the platform.

2.23. Invoice

It refers to the document, shows the amount notified to the user by CoinBABA, according to the Tax Procedures and Laws, for the buying / selling transactions which the user made within the account period.

2.24. Tax

It refers to the amount, that shall be paid from their earnings by the users and CoinBABA according to the subjected Tax Procedures and Principles of the Republic of Turkey and the existing laws, regulations and official statements, and all of them goes to the State Savings.

2.25. Transaction

It refers to situation that the order entered to make buy / sell through the platform is realized within the scope of buy / sell.

2.26. Transaction Volume

It refers to the sum of the transactions that occur during a certain time interval.

2.27. Date of Transaction

It refers to the date with MM-DD-YYYY format, the transaction came true.

2.28. Time of Transaction

It refers to the time with HH(24):MM(60) format, the transaction came true.

2.29. Bulletin

It refers to official announcements issued by CoinBABA at certain times to inform its users.

2.30. Daily Opening Price

It refers to the value of the first transaction that the market has taken during 24 hours.

2.31. Lowest Price

It refers to the lowest price within buy / sell transactions during the 24-hour transaction period.

2.32. Highest Price

It refers to the highest price within buy / sell transactions during the 24-hour transaction period.

2.33. Daily Change

It refers to the numerical price showing the price and percentage of the market price formed within 24 hours according to the previous day.

2.34. Daily Range

It refers to the numerical value showing the lowest and highest range of market conditions occurring within 24 hours.

2.35. Final Price

It refers to the price of the latest transactions that are realized within the scope of the buy / sell which the market conditions show.

2.36. Last Match

It refers to the buy /sell order’s status, transformed to the transaction, within the scope of buy / sell which determines the last price and match each other.

2.37. Open Offers

It refers to orders entered by market makers and buyers in order to transform into transactions within the scope of market buy / sell transactions.

2.38. Market Maker

It refers to the user who gives higher price than best buying price for sales order, and who gives lower price than best selling price for buying order in the market environment.

2.39. Market Buyer

It refers to the user who gives the lowest price equally with the best buy for sales orders and who gives the highest price equally with the sales for buying orders.

2.40. Volume

It refers to the cryptocurrency equivalent of the total amount of the buy / sell amount that occurs within 24 hours.

2.41. Account Approval

It refers to the process of approval of the user account by declaring the documents and information necessary for the user to make cryptocurrency purchase / sale transactions through CoinBABA platform.

2.42. Unapproved Account

It is an account type, that occurs as a a result of uploading missing document by the user or his/her documents are being examined, of the user who registered to the CoinBABA platform. Every account that is registered to the platform will be called as unapproved account unless it is approved.

2.43. Approved Account

It refers to the approval of the account, that was approved by the CaoinBABA platform employees after all of it’s necessary papers / information / documents are uploaded,  of the user who registered to the CoinBABA platform.

2.44. Account Types

It refers to the classes in which users will be included according to active purchase / sale transactions in a certain period of time.

2.45. Suspicious Transaction, Suspicious Access to Account

It refers to the transactions detected by CoinBABA that are suspicious or may be suspicious that would endanger the security of market users' deposits.

2.46. Money and Cryptocurrency Types


Turkish lira


US Dollar






Bitcoin Cash








The change, addition or removal of the currencies listed above is under the initiative of CoinBABA and the client accepts it beforehand after confirming this agreement.

3. Provisions

3.1. Opening a User Account

Before user starts to send buying / selling orders to CoinBABA, he /she shall be deemed to accept by examining all articles of this User Agreement and it’s attachments. In order for the user account to be verified by the CoinBABA team, it is obliged to fill in all the information listed on the registration screen with complete and correct declaration, and upload the requested document and additional files on the platform.

3.2. Obligations of the User

The user accepts and declares that he/she knows all of his/her transactions and results realized through the platform came true on the market, and results of his/her transactions completely belongs to him/her.

3.3. Principles about Orders

The platform adds it to the order list when it receives any purchase / sale order from the user to realize it. The user must pay attention to the following points about orders he/she gave;

  • Crypto and Deposit Money Type Subject to Transaction
  • Order Type
  • Price and Amount of the Order

3.4. Transmission of Orders

Within the scope of market conditions, users transmit transaction orders through ready modules prepared by CoinBABA.

3.5. Order Types

The user enters his/her orders, the platform adds all orders entered instantly to the order list. Depending on the instantaneous market conditions, buy / sell transaction takes place in case of order matching.

Because the platform consists of orders from which users are entered, it gets orders instantly.

3.5.1. Market Order

It is the type of order entered in order to carry out cryptocurrency buy / sell at the current selling price within the scope of fast transaction.

3.5.2. Limit Order

It is the type of order that stands in the open order position, by the user enters target buy / sell prices, depending on market movement.

3.5.3. Stop Order

It is the type of order that will be included to the transaction, as it becomes active after entered open order’s determined limit values, depending on market movement. 

3.6. Order Realization

Depending on the instantaneous market conditions, buy / sell transaction of the user’s entered orders takes place in case of matching.

3.7. Order Cancellation

The user can cancel the order if he/she does not want it to come true. CoinBABA is not responsible for the realization of the order due to the user canceling the order late.

3.8. Transaction Time

It is the time of becoming transaction of the order the user entered.

3.9. Platform Working Hours

Users can enter their orders to the market 24/7 via all platforms.

3.10. Intellectual Property and Privacy

The user does not have the right to use the platform's products and services for purposes other than those described in this user agreement. The user acknowledges that the services offered by the platform are trade secrets and that they are a work that has been developed through the use of professional labor, time and money. The user shall not publish and distribute the trade secrets of the platform or shall not share them with the third parties. The user shall not, in any way, copy or resolve CoinBABA’s platform and other products, services, and shall not serve these purposes.

3.11. Amendment of the Agreement

In the provisions of the user agreement; when there is a mandatory amendment to be performed by  CoinBABA, and there is amendment about market conditions, without any notification, by amending the legislation, CoinBABA reserves the right to amend the agreement, provided that all rights are reserved. As clearly stated in Article 11 of this User Agreement, '' The user shall be deemed to have accepted all the terms of the User Agreement valid at the time of access to the platform.

3.12. User Information and Registration to Platform

When registering to the CoinBABA platform, the user is required to get user account approval by uploading credentials and other documents via the modules.

CoinBABA enables to register to the platform real people who are Turkish citizens and not Turkish citizens.

Documents asked during the period when the Turkish Citizen real persons have an approved account on the platform;

  • Identity card front / back information                                                                                    

Documents asked during the period when the real persons who are not Turkish Citizens have an approved account on the platform;                                

  • Passport front / back information      


4. Purposes:

With this user agreement it is stated that the mutual rights and obligations between CoinBABA and the user while the platform services are in use.

As CoinBABA, we provide "brokerage" service for buying / selling cryptocurrency between users who have registered on the platform.

With their own discretion, users will be able to purchase / sell cryptocurrency under their own deposits through the platform that CoinBABA has provided.

CoinBABA will never make suspicious transactions, such as making market prices, manipulating prices, market conditions and circumstances will be created by platform users.

5. Rights and Obligations

5.1. Rights and Obligations of the User:


The user accepts, declares and undertakes that he / she is over 18 years old and fully capable, to use the platform. The responsibilities for all damages, because the user gives this information incorrectly, belongs to the user. If CoinBABA detects that the user gave incorrect or wrong information or if it is revealed according to Turkish Civil Codes, CoinBABA has the right to suspend or terminate the agreement without unilateral notice.


Users fill out a member form to have an account on the platform. Users who wants to make transactions, has to certify his / her identity and other information as clearly stated in article 3.12. of this agreement. Otherwise, CoinBABA reserves the right not to transact or not to register.


The user is directly responsible for the accuracy and confidentiality of the information provided while becoming member to the platform.. Registry moduls will not approve the registry if a missing paper detected by CoinBABA during control of the relevant documents at first registry.   CoinBABA will not approve the account if there is incorrect information, inconsistency and incomplete information about the uploaded documents.


Documents containing the identity and address information being requested by CoinBABA is requested in order to be appropriate to the Laws and Regulations of the Republic of Turkey, they will be shared with the relevant authorities upon request by the competent authorities.


CoinBABA undertakes that the identity and address information of the user shall not be shared with any real or legal entity except in the cases of this User Agreement’s articles 5.1.16., 7.7. 


The user is responsible for protecting the password and username and not to be shared with other people, that are created when signing up for the platform. CoinBABA refuses any responsibility for the seizure of this information and use of unauthorized persons CoinBABA services. In addition, the user accepts, declares and undertakes that in this direction CoinBABA is acting as irrevocable .


At the user’s platform account, because of every damages and / or losses (losing the password, get the tablet stolen in which the platform is installed), which are the result of the user’s fault,  CoinBABA (Megabit Bilişim A.Ş.)’s members of the board of directors, managers, employees and the persons who prepare the information on this platform do not have any legal and criminal liability. The User accepts in advance that he / she will not be able to file a complaint or penal sanction about CoinBABA and / or its employees because of his / her own fault.


If the user forgets the password,                                                                 

  • Clicks on the link “Did You Forget Your Login Information?”on the home page,   
  • Enters the required verification code, after he/she writes the e-mail address declared during registration.
  • Clicks on the Create Demand button and the mail with the password reset link is forwarded to his/her mail address.

The user is personally responsible for the security of this communication and his/her communication channels.


Users have to provide the security of their accounts. Recommended security measures:

  • Not to share username and password with anyone
  • To use a strong password
  • To use the password only at platform which is assigned for the platform
  • Always connecting to the electronic trading platform via "https" and checking the addresses "" or "" while entering to the electronic transaction platform

The security measures that are declared by us are advisory, CoinBABA shall not be held responsible for any loss, has been made or will be made, of user, even if said security measures have been taken.


Each user account created at CoinBABA platforms belongs only to an approved real person. The user can not transfer, sell, donate and let somebody use accounts and rights under any circumstances, he / she owns, to the third parties after being a member. CoinBABA reserves the right to suspend / delete the CoinBABA account of the user in the event of a related condition being detected, and has the right to inform the necessary state institutions and organizations within the scope of fraud.


CoinBABA has the right to suspend and delete membership of the user's account without any notice if it is detected that the user account is being used or having used by different person as written article 5.1.10 of this User Agreement.


In the case of the situation which is written in article 5.1.11 of this user agreement; because CoinBABA uses its rights reserved in the article the user acknowledges CoinBABA as irrevocable. The user completely responsible for the losses and penal sanctioning takes place within the scope of this article.


As a result of the deletion or the indefinite suspension of membership, which is the result of Article 5.1.11 of this User Agreement, the necessary transactions shall be immediately made about the return of user's existing CryptoCurrency / TL-USD deposits.


Because the crypto wallets are made up of consecutive numbers and letters, the user is responsible for paying maximum attention for the transfer of the cryptocurrency. Under any circumstance CoinBABA platform is not  responsible for any cryptocurrency transferred by the user to the wrong wallet.


CoinBABA reserves the right to refund or cancel money transfers made by users if transactions are suspected.


Users may only use services, provided by the platform, and transact for legitimate purposes . All legal and criminal responsibility belongs to the user about his/her transactions made and acts, by using the services through the platform.  If it is detected that users make unlawful transactions, CoinBABA is not responsible in any way and has the right to apply for any legal procedures and to take necessary security measures.


Deposit transactions to the platform, are valid when the transfer code CoinBABA sends to the user is written in the payment statement by the user. When depositing money to CoinBABA account, the user must send the payment by bank account number registered in his / her name. In case of transfer from different names, the incorrect payment will be returned to the sender after confirming the situation. The user is responsible for the delays during the refund process. The refund instructions about the return process can be accessed from platforms.


The transfers shall not be made via ATMs by using banking methods with card or without card. If such transactions are detected, CoinBABA has the right to refund the said transfers. The refund instructions about the transfer return process can be accessed from platforms.


The third party software that CoinBABA uses for depositing and withdrawing funds creates a special transaction code for each transaction. CoinBABA shall not be liable for any damage or loss that may occur or will occur, in case of transaction was not made at the declared time of this code.


CoinBABA has the right to request documentation of identification, address and other information  from the user in case of CoinBABA have a suspicion about the amount the user willing to withdraw. CoinBABA has the right of validity and suspension of execution about this article.


CoinBABA has the right to request the bank account information and ID submission of the person who realized the transfer, to refund the transfers it did not realize. CoinBABA has the right to request additional information / documents in case of doubt about the transaction. CoinBABA has the right not to make payments unless additional information / documents are provided by the user.


CoinBABA unilaterally has the rights to make changes about the deposit and withdrawal rules. Deposit and withdrawal rules can be accessed through the platform.


The user undertakes not to use CoinBABA account as a Bitcoin Wallet and to make Bitcoin withdrawals to the addresses of his / her own wallet. The User unconditionally agrees that it is obliged to return any incorrect or repeating transfers which will be made by CoinBABA.


The user is responsible for all tax liabilities to be incurred due to the use of the platform.


CoinBABA support services are only available via [email protected] email address. CoinBABA does not provide support services to its users with a method other than this e-mail address, does not ask for a password in support mails, and does not provide a cryptocurrency address for transferring cryptocurrency from users. This is a notification, and CoinBABA can not be held responsible for any user’s damage or loss have suffered or may suffer, due to an e-mail sent to you except from aforesaid e-mail address.


If the user has a problem with his / her communication channels (unable to access e-mail account, stolen / lost phone which has 2FA code, getting password stolen, etc.), he / she should send a help request e-mail to [email protected]  about the situation. CoinBABA shall not be liable under any circumstances for damage or loss which have been suffered or may be suffered, if the situation reported late and the assessment made by user reported late.  


CoinBABA is the owner of all services (except for content and applications provided by third parties), domain names, software codes, interfaces, content, product reviews, videos, algorithms, drawings, models, designs and all other intellectual property rights related to CoinBABA service. CoinBABA has the all software rights, design rights and copyrights of the provided services. Under no circumstances, it is not allowed to copy, augment and publish of tasks and services and pages related to this, and besides, contrary engineering processes.


The user accepts, declares and undertakes that he / she shall not act contrary to the all provisions of article 5.1.27 of this user agreement. If the user acts against these provisions, it is unilateral and valid termination reason of agreement and all legal and criminal responsibility belongs to the user.


This user agreement includes the terms between the user and CoinBABA which are approved by the user when registering to the platform. The user is responsible to accept this agreement which is prepared to register, the user can not change or ignore any of the articles written in the user agreement. Otherwise, if the articles are not accepted written in our agreement, no services shall be used, and shall not be accessed to the platform.

This user agreement shall be read carefully by the user. The use of CoinBABA platform’s special contents those made for the use of the users, becomes valid if the user accepts and undertakes that he/she complies with the terms and conditions stated herein.  Therefore, it is assumed that the user fully accepts these conditions; in addition, the user acknowledges and undertakes that he/she has read and unconditionally approves all regulations written in this agreement, so as not to cause any further confusion.

5.2. 2.2 Rights and Obligations of CoinBABA


CoinBABA is a cryptocurrency buying and selling platform. Through the platform, users buy or sell crypto currencies by auctioning or reverse auctioning each other. CoinBABA is an intermediary platform that transparently and effectively offers its users buying selling prices other users enter. CoinBABA shall not be held responsible for losses or future losses of users caused by changes in prices because the prices reflected through the platform are the buying and selling prices of the users.


CoinBABA is an independent company from similar buy and sell platforms and is not a representative of any organization. CoinBABA shall not be responsible in any way for the purchase-sale transactions made by the user on a buying / selling platform other than CoinBABA and for any losses or future losses because of these transactions.


At the CoinBABA platform, the buy - sell list formed of the buy / sell orders given by the users, and the current price is determined by the orders that the platform users have entered.  The platform enables purchase and sale of cryptocurrency. There are certain risks about investing in crypto money currencies. Users declare and undertake that by accepting and approving this agreement, they understand the risks of investing in crypto money currencies and will not hold CoinBABA responsible for the damages and losses caused by the purchase and sale transactions performed. Users are responsible for the profits and losses resulting from price changes. Users may not make claim on CoinBABA in the event of loss or damage resulting from the buying and selling orders become transaction.


It is not technically possible to see how, the cryptocurrencies purchased through CoinBABA, are used, where and for what purpose they were transferred, whether they were used in a crime. CoinBABA shall not be held responsible for losses, damages, future losses, positive losses and negative losses of users or third parties because of  abusing the cryptocurrencies.


The users themselves are personally responsible for the legal responsibilities and tax liabilities for the use of cryptocurrency, as stated in article 5.1.24 of this agreement. CoinBABA shall not be held responsible for the tax liabilities incurred by profits and losses of users.


CoinBABA is responsible to show utmost care as a prudent merchant for the security of cryptcurrency in accounts held on behalf of Users. The CoinBABA platform has been actively using 2FA because of user's security User’s cryptocurrencies are stored in environments which does not have internet connection (cold storage) against any cyber attack. However, despite all of CoinBABA's efforts, CoinBABA can not be held responsible for any theft / fraud incidents that may still occur.


Each user shall only have one User account, as it is clearly stated in article 5.1.10, under the title of user rights and obligations, of this user agreement. The user shall only use the platform with the purpose of utilizing the services defined in this user agreement. CoinBABA has the right to suspend / terminate related User accounts without notice if more than one User account is used by the same person


The CoinBABA platform gives service to every real person providing registration conditions.


CoinBABA undertakes to provide a fair exchange infrastructure service for all users. As it is clearly stated in Article 1.3 of this Agreement, it may view user transactions that manipulate market conditions, whose orders becomes transactions as suspicious, to protect free competition conditions and transparent, competitive, honest stock market conditions and it has the right to apply sanctions to users who damages the stability of the exchange market.


CoinBABA may cancel or withdraw these transactions in cases such as unrealistic prices due to technical errors, to correct the system and ensure it works correctly. These User accounts may be frozen during cancellation and withdrawal, if any payment has been made, the unfair payment may be requested, and if not returned, CoinBABA shall have the right to appeal any legal procedure. CoinBABA can not be held responsible for such transactions and can not be claimed.


The user acknowledges that there may be infrastructural and software technical failures on the platform.  CoinBABA will make the necessary effort to repair it as soon as possible.

For users' deposit security; CoinBABA may cancel all or part of the open orders that the users have entered, as part of the repair and maintenance work done by CoinBABA. In the event of cancellation, CoinBABA can not be held responsible for the transaction that did not come true according to the market movement.  


CoinBABA has the right not to accept money transfers, without any justification, made by users . Users may refund the money deposited to the CoinBABA, and which will be refunded, according to the refund instructions on the platform.


CoinBABA will reflect the user's money order transactions to the user account as soon as possible. It shall not be responsible for the losses because of the deposit and / or withdrawal transactions comes true late or never comes true by reason of “force majeure” conditions stated in Turkish Code of Obligations and Turkish Commercial Code.


Within the scope of article 5.1.20 of this user agreement, CoinBABA shall not be responsible for any loss which may occur if the identity, address, other information and documents requested by CoinBABA are not received or received late.


As it is clearly stated in article 5.1.3 of this user agreement, the status of membership will remain unapproved as long as the required documents are not uploaded requested at the registration.

User, who has unapproved account, will not be able to purchase or sell cryptocurrency through CoinBABA platform.

Users, who have unapproved account, are required to make their account to the approved account status in order to purchase and sell cryptocurrency.


CoinBABA has the right to set membership types according to daily / weekly / monthly transaction volumes of users and to set different charging and limits according to membership types.

CoinBABA has the right to change membership types and limits.


When users enter the deposit / cryptocurrency withdrawal request via the platform, the requests are continuously monitored and carried out in order. For this reason, after the withdrawal request is entered, CoinBABA will make all transfers in order and will send the user’s payment as soon as possible. CoinBABA shall not be held responsible for the indirect losses of user’s deposit / cryptocurrency, in case of delay of payment and etc.



CoinBABA may not be able to fulfill its responsibilities, written in the Agreement, in case of the following reasons; (failures due to telecommunication infrastructure, power cut, cyber attack etc.) in the event of circumstances that could be counted as force majeure,(including natural disasters, rebellions, wars, strikes, lockouts, mobilizations and bad weather conditions affecting a particular region) ,events that are not under reasonable control of relevant party, casual, not related with the parties, unavoidable, irreparable and which is not possible by using alternative sources for the party who can not have acquisition, force majeure situations in which discharge of debt is impossible or request of discharge is against goodwill rule in accordance with this Agreement.

In the event of a force majeure or hardship that its details stated in this article, the user who uses the CoinBABA platform will not make any request from CoinBABA, and CoinBABA will not be responsible in any way. CoinBABA has the right to suspend the mutual commercial transactions of the parties during the period of impact and occurrence of relevant situations.

In case that occurrence of the situation stated in this article, CoinBABA has the right to terminate the agreement independently of time. 

6. Prices


CoinBABA announces prices for Services on internet address.  Prices in this section are an integral part of this user agreement and will be effective as soon as it is announced.


CoinBABA has the right to receive a commission charge (service fee) from its user at a rate set by CoinBABA for each purchase and sale transaction. CoinBABA has the right to change these fees and rates at any time without notice.


CoinBABA has the right to charge a transaction fee, that is set by CoinBABA, from its users for each transaction during each TL withdrawal. User shall be deemed to have accepted the payment of this transaction upon acceptance and approval of this user agreement. The user can not make a request to CoinBABA for these transaction fees.


Cryptocurrency transfers are non-refundable, so refund of commission or transaction fees received by CoinBABA for wrong transactions made by the user are not possible. Users does not have the right to ask refund of these fees.


The user declares and undertakes that he / she accepts the provisions of this article in advance after signing this user agreement. The user declares and undertakes that he / she accepts CoinBABA irrevocably because of the transactions that he/she thinks they are incorrect.


According to the transaction volume, between certain period of time, of users who use CoinBABA platform; CoinBABA has the right to arrange users for certain membership classes and to set different fees and limits for different membership classes. CoinBABA has the right to change all rights, such as application of related process, duration of application, right to change the upper and lower limits of the classes, application of different limits to different membership classes, etc. 

7. Privacy Policy


If the agreement is accepted and approved by the user,  CoinBABA and User shall be deemed to be accepted rights and obligations mutually about the Law No 6698, Privacy Act, and they accept and undertake that they will act in accordance with the Law.


CoinBABA undertakes not to give users' personal information (such as ID, invoice, address, e-mail, telephone, fax, demographic information or customer number etc.) to third parties except legal obligations or user's explicit consent.


The information given by the users shall not be used in any way other than the rules and purposes stated in the User Agreement and shall not be shared with third parties.


CoinBABA identifies and records the IP addresses of users, the models, operating systems and browser information of the devices that they use to access platform. CainBABA may use these records to define them generally, user based and anonymously, and to collect comprehensive demographic information, to provide system and user account security, to fight with the fraud and to perform legal obligations.


CoinBABA may cooperate with many third party institutions and organizations in various ways in order to make effective use of the services they offer. This cooperation shall be through advertising, sponsorship, permission-based marketing, data sharing and other legal commercial methods. CoinBABA hereby declares and undertakes to provide instruments to allow permission-based marketing / communication in full compliance with the laws about its communication activities, not to communicate against the user's request, and to enable the user to leave the system freely and easily.


CoinBABA may provide links to other sites in the Site. They may publish third party advertisements and / or application forms for various services that they have agreement, and users may be directed through these forms and advertisements to the site of the advertiser or through third party sites that they have agreement. CoinBABA has no responsibility about the privacy applications and policies or contents of other sites accessed through this link.


CoinBABA undertakes to keep the information of the user confidential and to take all necessary precautions, as stated in article 7.2 and 7.3 of this agreement. However, in the following situations, they may act against this privacy statement provisions and give the information of the users to the third parties. These situations are:

- In cases in which it is necessary to comply with the obligations imposed by the written legal rules issued by the competent legal authorities such as the Law, Decree-law, Regulations, etc.,

- In cases while doing the requirements of the agreement between users and CoinBABA and applying them.

- In cases in which information is requested about users by the competent administrative and judicial authorities about a research or investigation made in accordance with the procedure,

- In cases when it is necessary to give information in order to protect users’ rights and security.


CoinBABA, with this notice, undertakes that, they shall keep the confidential information given to them absolutely private and confidential, accept to keep this still as an obligation, provide privacy and maintain it, and all necessary precautions shall be taken to prevent the entry of all or any part of the confidential information into the public domain or to prevent unauthorized use or disclosure to a third party and they shall do their part completely.

8. Irresponsibility Statement


Any content presented on Site consists of data collected from 3rd parties and public sources. All data, analyzes, reports, statistics are processed and presented objectively by a software that automatically processes the information without any editing or guidance. All news and reports offered by CoinBABA are only for informational and  advisory and do not bear direct solution, conclusion, legal opinion, political or sociological research information, and no exact accuracy is guaranteed. The data may be contradictory or inconsistent. CoinBABA takes no responsibility in such cases.


CoinBABA never gives guarantee, whether it is express or implicit, about the results to be obtained by any person or organization through the user of the content provided by CoinBABA, including all kind of merchantability, performance, marketability, certain or specific expediency, All content is presented to the user as so. CoinBABA can not be held responsible for any loss of profit arising from the use of the contents. Attribution to any person, institution, company and  trademark in the content, served by CoinBABA, is not a recommendation to influence the brand value of these persons / institutions / companies / trademarks, or to the ranking in various criteria, to the brand values, or to purchase, sell or retain stocks certificates.


CoinBABA, as the laws permitted in maximum, because of the special, direct or indirect damages (loss of profits, trading loss, use of system and third party content), including but not limited with difficulty and delay, and not limited to this, shall not be held responsible.


CoinBABA shall not be responsible against the user for any losses which may be caused by the circumstances which it does not cause directly. This situation includes these; electronic, mechanical, communication, etc. malfunctions of the devices that connected to the platform, unauthorized access, viruses, theft, operator errors, extreme weather conditions, fire, war, coup attempts, business disputes and other business problems.

9.Legal and Penal Sanctions


The user who logins the platform shall be deemed to have read, understood and accepted all the notifications / codes / laws published and became effective by the BRSA, CMB, Ministry of Economy and all other public institutions related to cryptocurrencies. Users shall make all the operations through the platform according to this. Platform Users shall be deemed to accept the new notifications, law and decree-laws issued by relevant state institutions and organizations in advance, after approval date of user agreement. 


If the platform is used by the user for purposes contrary to law, the user is responsible for all legal and penal sanctions arising according to article 5.1.5 of the agreement. About this, the user accepts, declares and undertakes that CoinBABA is irrevocable .


The user undertakes to use the platform within the scope of the laws and regulations of the Republic of Turkey. In case of unlawful use, CoinBABA has the right and the authority to share all the information of the user with the competent authorities. This shall not mean as privacy violation and CoinBABA is not responsible for this..

10. Applicable Law and Authority


Law of the Republic of Turkey and User Agreement will be based about the disputes, because of the use of the platform and/or related to the terms and conditions in the legal notice and/or related to this platform, and Istanbul courts are competent.

11. Agreement Amendments


CoinBABA unilaterally has the right to change and update all the terms and conditions in this legal notice without prior notice. CoinBABA will announce the amendments on the electronic transaction platform. The user declares and undertakes that he/she accepted the amendments of use will be made by CoinBABA in advance with the acceptance of this user agreement. The user shall be deemed to have accepted the current “User Agreement”, which is current on the date of access to the platform.

In the user agreement which can be accessed through the platform, the date of the last update of the agreement shall be written as '' Last Update Date ''.

12. Enforcement and Admission


As a result of user is registered to CoinBABA cryptocurrency trading platform and uploaded additional documents to the system via the platform, he/she acknowledges, declares and undertakes that he/she has read the entire User Agreement, understood the content in its entirety and approved all its provisions. The User Agreement becomes effective on the date, when announced on the platform by CoinBABA.


Users who do not agree with the terms of the User Agreement shall not use platform and the services provided through platform. Otherwise, CoinBABA shall not be held responsible for the losses or future losses.

13. Term Of The Agreement

This contract consists of 13 main titles in total 27 pages, between CoinBABA and the user, it came into force with the user’s electronic confirmation of his/her own free will, after he/she has read and understood it, during the registering to the CoinBABA platform, it is indefinite as long as the account of the user is active on the platform.